Illumina wants make it cheap to sequence a Genome. Here are the details.

DNA and Genome Sequencing are things that are becoming more common. Since the first sequencing of the whole human genome in 2003, we have made a lot of changes. The initial attempt costed a little less than $3.0B and though that number has been drastically improved, Illumina wants to further the progress. Companies like 23andme, led by CEO Anne Wojcicki, the sister of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, have been working on that very problem.

23andme offers a service that extracts DNA from your saliva and then processes it on a genotyping chip which in return gives you data on your health and ancestry. The Health + Ancestry Service costs $199 and the Ancestry Service costs just $99. But, if that just analyzing Your DNA isn’t enough, then you can have your entire DNA sequenced. That’s where Illumina comes into play.

Illumina,  led by CEO Frank D’Souza, recently announced a new machine called the Novaseq. Showed off at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, the NovaSeq machine can sequence an entire human genome in less than an hour according to Illumina’s CEO. Illumina also believes that the cost of using the device will be lowered significantly and will reach $100 one day. People are buying in to the machine already; there are six customers including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s life sciences arm, the Chan-Zuckerburg Biohub. It’ll be interesting to see how the NovaSeq changes the healthcare industry and whether it does hit the $100 mark one day.


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