CES 2017: Faraday Future finally unveils the FF91, its first production car.

At the CES 2017 event in Las Vegas last week, cars were a big deal. One of the companies there focused on cars was an American startup named Faraday Future. They’re not new to this stage; they have been here before with concept cars. But, after much anticipation Faraday Future revealed their first production model, the FF91 to the public at CES 2017. According to the press release of the FF91, “A new species is born with the launch of FF 91”. There is still along time to go before any will get their hands on the car as production of the FF91 is slated for 2018. In the mean time, there is a lot to get excited about in the new vehicle. The FF91 is an all-electric car with a 378 mile range. It also has a peak motor power of 783 kW or 1050 HP which equates to a 0mph to 60mph time of 2.39secs according to the company. The vehicle is also built upon Faraday Future’s Variable Platform Architechture which is a flexible powertrain system “in which the chassis and body are a single form”.

Also, as a result of Faraday Future’s partnership with LeEco the Faraday Future vehicle has EcoSystem a tool that integrates the user’s digital lives into the car giving them their apps and other personal preferences such as “seating positions, favorite music and movies, ideal temperatures, and driving style settings”. But here’s where it gets cool. The FF91 will include Faraday Future’s new Arrival Interface facial recognition technology which allows the users of the car to unlock the vehicle without a key. The FF91 will also include a 3D lidar which will include a full array of sensors for the car’s autonomous capabilities. One of which is Driverless Valet, a feature that lets the car park itself. If this sounds like a car you’d want, you can reserve one right now for $5,000. For more info check out: https://www.ff.com/en/ff-91/. And for more coverage of the CES 2017 event click on the Diary of a Techie Kid logo at the top of the page.


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