How can you make your home smart? I think I know (Part 1).

The Internet of Things or IoT is becoming more commonly used today. In an age of smartphones, controlling your house at the tap of button seems normal. Here are 4 products trying to help you do just that:

  1. Nest Learning Thermostat: The Nest Learning Thermostat controls your house’s thermostat using your smartphone and an actual device, the Nest Learning Thermostat. Nest saves energy by tracking your house’s temperature and improving the way you heat and cool your house. The Nest also tracks when you spend time at your house and lowers the energy used during office hours or time you don’t spend at home similar to the Honeywell Learning Thermostat. The Nest Learning Thermostat is a viable option at $249 for those who want to save energy and money and make their home smarter.
  2. Honeywell Lyric Thermostat – The Honeywell Lyric Thermostat control’s your home’s thermostat using a smartphone and an actual device, the Honeywell Lyric Thermostat. The Lyric adjusts your house’s temperature based on your lifestyle similar to the Nest Learning Thermostat. The Honeywell Lyric Thermostat uses geofencing and your smartphone’s location to know when you aren’t home and when you are home. At $249, it is a good option for those who want to make their home smarter and save energy and money.

Both the Nest Learning Thermostat and Honeywell Lyric Thermostat are two viable options at $249 for a smart home thermostat. The Philips Hue and the SmartThings Hub are also 2 smart home products that are viable options to improve how your home functions. I will be covering those in Part 2 of this post.


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