The NFL is back with a suite of apps and technology. Here’s a guide to all of them.

The NFL (National Football League) came back on Sunday with the annual Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. This was the first game of the NFL since Super Bowl XLIX in February. This time as the new NFL season starts, a lot of technology is coming along with it. In fact, teams, like last year, will be using a Microsoft Surface device on their sidelines instead of the traditional paper and pen to analyze plays and make decisions. Here’s a guide to the more fan-friendly apps:

1. Fantasy Football: Many sites offer fantasy football games like ESPN,, and Draft Kings. The fantasy football websites like and ESPN are free and offer little to no reward for winning while, websites like Draft Kings give big awards but you have to pay to play. My recommendation is to join a free website like or ESPN.
2. Watching the Games On-the-Go & News: There are a range of official apps that provide you with on-the-go methods of watching the NFL. NFL Mobile and NFL Game Rewind both services that allow you to watch NFL games. There are also apps like NFL Mobile, NFL Now, and ESPN that allow you to read new and watch on-demand videos any time. I recommend that you download NFL Mobile because it gives you the best of both worlds, news and on-the-go game watching.
3. Games: There are various games on both console and mobile that are based off the NFL. On console, EA Sports’ Madden NFL series is the only major player while on mobile there are a whole bunch of apps. There are actual football games and card-like football games. My recommendation is to buy a Madden NFL game for the console and download its mobile counterpart, Madden Mobile.
Overall, there are a lot of free and paid apps and games you can get to accompany the NFL throughout the season that any NFL fan should check out.


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