Misfit is joining a competitive wearables market. How will they succeed? Misfit CEO Sonny Vu told me.

The wearables industry is extremely competitive with the likes of Samsung, Microsoft, and Apple competing but, there are other companies in the mix. One such company is Misfit, a Silicon Valley based private company focused on delivering user-friendly fitness trackers. Misfit was founded by current CEO Sonny Vu, former Apple CEO John Sculley, and Sridhar Iyengar. I interviewed Sonny Vu to find out more about Misfit as a company:
atultechblog: What made you start a new company in the competitive wearables industry?
Sonny Vu: We didn’t start out wanting to make an activity tracker, but we saw what was out there and said “We can do better.” We could connect with customers right away through a great product.
atultechblog: Where does the name Misfit come from?
Sonny Vu: The company was founded the day Steve Jobs passed away. The name comes from his famous quote that begins, “Here’s to the Misfits, the crazy ones…” We also pride ourselves on feeling and being different so being a Misfit is definitely a badge of honor within the Company.
atultechblog: The Misfit Flash and Shine are similar to the Fitbit Flex and the Withings Pulse. What makes the Misfit Flash and Shine stand out?
Sonny Vu: No screens—they prioritize making the product beautiful and wearable and the product experience seamless. Our products are modular and wearable anywhere, waterproof, and never require charging. And both our products are offered at a better price point even though they track the same things.
atultechblog: What made you make the decision to not put a screen on the Misfit Shine and Flash and use a longer lasting battery?
Sonny Vu: Better user experience. American adults spend on average 8.5 hours on a screen/day and check their smartphones 150x/day—why make checking your progress require a screen?
atultechblog: Where did the idea for the Beddit come from?
Sonny Vu: Sleep tracking quickly became one of our most engaging features of our app when it was introduced, especially because its automatic. We realized that sleep tracking was a very sticky feature and we wanted to expand on that.
atultechblog: The Bolt acts differently based on your sleep cycle (if connected to Shine, Flash, or Beddit). What does it do at different times?
Sonny Vu: Bolt can wake you up in your lightest stage of sleep, so you don’t have to jolt awake with a blaring alarm in the morning.
atultechblog: Lastly, where do you see Misfit in the future?
Sonny Vu: Building more beautiful and easy-to-use consumer products that put people first.
Overall, Misfit is a company that strives on “easy-to-use consumer products” that effectively help people improve their fitness. I think we will see Misfit as a successful, major tech company in the future.


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