Less than a week away, what should be expected of Windows 10? I have an answer.

Windows 10 is set to be released in just less than a week on July 29th. Windows 10 entitles a lot of new features including a new browser (Microsoft Edge), a personal assistant (Cortana), and a productive new Office Suite.
Microsoft has tried to make Windows 10 more user-friendly by basing Windows 10 off of Windows 7 and Windows 8. This allows users to use their past experiences to understand the new operating system instead of having to start from a blank slate. In fact, according to Joe Belfiore, “One of the first things you’ll notice is that Windows 10 feels really familiar.” Windows 10 also packs Cortana, a personal assistant, to help you get the daily information you need as well do work. But Cortana has a more jovial side. She can sing songs, tell jokes, and answer questions like, “What do you think of Microsoft?” with “There’s no place like home.” Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer’s successor, is also built into Windows 10. Microsoft Edge has Cortana added in so she can help you stay productive in the web. It also allows you to take notes right in the browser, so you can be more productive when you surf the web. Microsoft also added a reading mode to its new browser to make it easier for you to read articles. Microsoft Office 2016 is also more productive and versatile and will help you get your work done. Microsoft also built Windows Hello, a software that recognizes you so you don’t have to login using a password. There is also a fair set of apps and games that make your Windows 10 PC yours. One of those apps is the Xbox app. The Xbox app on Windows 10 allows you to be social through Xbox Live, play multiple games, and even stream Xbox One games onto your PC.

Overall, Windows 10 seems really exciting. The variety of new features should have everybody excited about one thing.


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