Cities around the world are adopting metros. How is Chennai’s?

Chennai (also known as Madras) is the latest global city to adopt a metro system. Chennai’s metro system, opened on June 29th, joins Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Kolkata as the only metros in India.

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The Chennai metro was built with an estimated cost of Rs.14, 600 (Rupees) and is a joint venture by the Tamil Nadu State Government and the Government of India. Currently, the stretch from Alandur to Koyambedu (7.89km or 4.9 miles) is open and a full-distance, normal class ticket costs Rs.40 which is the equivalent of $0.63 USD. There is also a special class for those with the need for a higher class of travel. The metro is also environmentally-friendly. It uses 1/5th less energy than cars per km traveled by passenger. The biggest complaint towards the Chennai metro is that the stations are hard to access.
Overall, the Chennai metro is a viable option for those who want fast, reliable, and clean transportation in Chennai. At Rs.40 ($0.63) the Chennai metro is also affordable while, being high-quality.


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