What if cars could drive themselves? Google has an answer.

The Google Self Driving Car Project has been around for a few years now. The company from Mountain View, has been working on the Self Driving Car for a long time now. They aspire to let you just sit back and let the car take you where you want to go. In fact, Google has been working on this car since 2009 when they started testing their technology on the Toyota Prius. This would allow you to do whatever you want during car rides.
To do this, Google uses many sensors on top of their cars to analyze a lot of information. They analyze the sensor information (Cyclists, Pedestrians, and etc.) along with the maps. The autonomous software then decides what the car should do and the car follows afterwards. The Google Self Driving Car Prototype has finally made its way on to the streets of Mountain View, California.

Google’s Self Driving Cars are a long way from commercial sales but, it is a well-known concept. After all, Google isn’t the only company building Self Driving Cars. Uber, BMW, and many other auto companies are building Self Driving Cars too. Overall, Self Driving Cars seem to be the future of automotives.


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