Which smartwatch is the most customizable? Blocks hopes that that smartwatch is yet to release.

Imagine being able to create your ideal smartwatch with only the sensors and features you need/want easily with no hassle. Amazing, right? Well, that’s what the modular smartwatch company Blocks is attempting to do. Though Blocks isn’t a big consumer tech brand they aren’t a small DIY project. In fact, they are backed by Intel.

Similar to Google’s idea of a modular phone in Project Ara, Blocks uses various pieces that lock together to create a smartwatch. Blocks is also open-platform meaning anyone can develop for the smartwatch, both software and hardware. Also for those people who want a smartwatch but, can’t stand the “futuristic” metal on their wrists, Blocks lets you customize the smartwatch’s appearance. You can change the color and material of every block in your smartwatch. Blocks lets you customize the smartwatch using “blocks” so, everyone can put together a different smartwatch. They can use touch, LED, or e-ink displays and heart rate, blood oxygen, and/or environment sensors as well as many other blocks. This creates the ideal smartwatch for everyone. But, unlike the Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch, or even the Asus Zenwatch the Blocks smartwatch does not use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor. Instead it uses the Intel Edison, a miniature processor that is pretty powerful.
The Blocks smartwatch is a viable option for many from hi-tech geeks to the average tech consumer. The price of the blocks for the Blocks smartwatch has not been revealed yet because the smartwatch is in developing stages. A release date for the smartwatch has not been set either.


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