What happens when Mercedes-Benz doesn’t build a car? I have an answer.

Tesla recently introduced its Powerwall, a battery that can be used for any household. They aren’t the only automotive company to build a home battery anymore. Daimler, Mercedes-Benz’s parent company, has joined in on the act. Similar to Tesla, Daimler is dedicated to using renewable solar power to help you live away from the power grid.
Daimler’s home battery contains 2.5 kilowatt hours but, up to 8 can be added together to form a battery that contains 20 kilowatt hours. Daimler is building this battery using its subsidiary Deutsche ACCUmotive which has been making batteries for Mercedes-Benz cars since 2009. Using their same “State-of-the-art production methods,” Deutsche ACCUmotive is creating this battery as a commercial and consumer battery that can be used in homes and businesses.
Daimler Mercedes-Benz Home BatteryDaimler Mercedes-Benz Home Battery Pic 2 V2
Overall, for those looking to separate themselves from big electricity companies and the power grid, the Daimler home battery is a good option for energy. Ordering for the Daimler home battery starts in June but, will only be delivered sometime this fall.


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