Fascinated by the NBA Finals’ court projections? Here is the technology behind it.

Many NBA teams have adopted a new court projection technology that is used in the pregame show. The projections are very high quality and look extremely cool. If you have watched some of the games played by the Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Hawks, or Brooklyn Nets you would have noticed this. They do this by using technology from Quince Imaging, a company from Washington D.C. that does 3D Projection and many other imaging technologies.

Cleveland Cavaliers: 2014 Pre-Game Projections from Quince Imaging on Vimeo.

Quince Imaging uses DLP (Digital Light Processing) Projection and CAD (Computer Aided Design) Modeling as well as multiple HD (High Definition) Projection Systems to make cool projections. In the case of the Quicken Loans Arena (The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Home Court), Quince Imaging transforms the basketball court into a 3D movie screen. Quince Imaging has been using similar technology for many other events and conferences.

Overall, the technology put into making these fascinating projections is astonishing. Simple components are grouped together by Quince Imaging and create something NBA audiences will remember for a long time.


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