What was announced at Apple WWDC 2015? iOS 9?

Apple’s developer conference, WWDC, happened yesterday. But, instead of doing a full description of the events at Apple WWDC, I decided to cover the biggest announcements from WWDC 2015. The biggest of these announcements were iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan but, Apple also talked about their Watch and new Music app.

iOS, Apple’s well-known mobile software, got a fairly big update yesterday. iOS 9, announced yesterday, features new in-house apps including News and CarPlay. Apple’s new News apps compiles all of the latest news you want to know from the biggest news sources around the world. Some of these news sources include Time, CNN, The New York Times, and ESPN. The News app also learns as you go filtering news topics you enjoy and bringing them to your attention. Apple also announced a new Notes app, similar to Microsoft’s OneNote, that allows you to take notes by hand, camera, or by maps. You can also create checklists in this new Notes app. The new Maps app does everything a normal map app does but, also includes features that helps you find transit and shows you nearby points of interest like Nokia’s HERE suite. Apple didn’t forget about Apple Pay either. They announced Wallet, which allows you to add loyalty and rewards cards to Apple Pay. Last but not least comes, CarPlay. CarPlay now supports apps from your car’s manufacturer and can connect to your car’s navigation tools.

iOS 9 wasn’t all about apps though, Apple also announced multitasking on the iPad and Quick Type. They added the ability to open 2 apps at the same time on the iPad and also the ability to have a video or FaceTime in the corner while using another app. Apple also improved the keyboard experience on an iPad; they added Quick Type which allows you to have an easy access shortcut bar, text shortcuts, and keyboard shortcuts. Apple also, finally, improved Siri. Siri can now look in your apps for information and also will predict what you want to know using search terms and contacts, something Windows’ Cortana and Google’s Google Now can already do. Apple also improved battery life by one hour and decrease the amount of free space needed to download the new iOS from 4.6GB to 1.3GB.

Tim Cook and his company didn’t ignore computers though. Replacing OS X Yosemite, they announced OS X El Capitan. They brought multitasking, Mission Control, Spotlight (an information center), a better mail application, Notes, Photos, a better Safari, and Maps. Mission Control is similar to the task manager on Windows. Safari, Apple’s browser, now includes the ability to pin sites to the taskbar and a way to mute just certain tabs. They also announced Swift 2, Apple’s programming language to help the developers build more apps for iOS and OS X.

Apple also announced a new software for their fairly new Apple Watch. The new, watchOS 2 features new watch faces, new features, and better ways to contact friends. The Apple Watch now supports third-party applications’ notifications to appear on the watch face. The Apple Watch will also now automatically switch to Nightstand Mode when it is sideways and charging. But most importantly, Apple improved the way you interact with others. The company from Cupertino now allows multiple screens for your friends and better emoji and colors for replying to any message.

Last but not least, Apple introduced Apple Music. Starting June 30th, 2015 Apple will allow you to access the “world’s greatest collection of music.” It allows you to listen to music anywhere offline and create your personal “perfect” playlist. You can also personalize the music you love and the music you hate, all with a few taps. Along with Apple Music, Apple announced Beats 1. Beats 1 is a worldwide radio that Zane Lowe curates with his choice of DJs. But, you can also build your own private radio station.

Overall, Apple WWDC 2015 was a significant conference for the tech world. Apple WWDC wraps up the three biggest consumer tech giants’ developer conferences. We watched Microsoft Build in April, Google I/O in May, and Apple WWDC in June.


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