LG’s newest phone isn’t an Android flagship. What is it?

LG announced their first Windows Phone in a long time, last week and it is the LG Lancet. The LG Lancet is a mid-level phone at $129.99 without contract and $19.99 with contract price and competes with the Nokia Lumia 635, Moto X, and iPhone 5c.
The hardware of the LG Lancet is high-quality for a mid-level phone. It has 4.5” LCD display and an 8MP main camera. One of the LG Lancet’s downsides is its 8 GB storage space. But, it has room for up to 128 GB more with a microSD card. The LG Lancet’s processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, the same processor as the Moto E and the HTC Desire 510. Also, new with Windows 8.1, the LG Lancet does not have a physical camera button. Its battery is a 2,100 mAH.
The software on the LG Lancet is Windows Phone 8.1 and comes with many of LG’s add-ons. Windows 8.1 comes with an assistant, Cortana, and a customizable lock screen. The LG add-ons include the LG Camera and Knock On. LG Camera is a camera app with great features such as using gestures or saying “cheese” to take photos as well as “Soft Light” a feature that improves photo quality. Knock On enables the LG Lancet user to double-tap the screen to on the phone.
I think the LG Lancet is a pretty good budget phone that uses many of LG’s and Microsoft’s technologies as well as an pretty good Qualcomm processor. The specifications may not be the best but, the LG Lancet is a good phone at a $129.99 price.


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