Want to tinker with robots? Add Lego and you have some fun on your hands.

Have you ever tried playing with robots? First Lego League is a competition that allows you to do that. I participated in this competition last year and it was a blast. I got to program, build, and use robots. First Lego League is strictly for 9 to 14 year olds in the US, Mexico, and Canada but the rest of the world can have 15 or even 16 year olds in their team. For kids ages 6 to 9 there is Junior First Lego League. For kids ages 14 to 20 years old there is First Tech Challenge. Also, for high-school students there is the First Robotics Competition. The registration for First Lego League has opened for this year and the topic is “TRASH TREK”. The full challenge description will come out on August 25th, 2015.

If I got a chance to re-do last year’s competition these are 7 things I would do:
1) Analyze every challenge before trying to solve any of them.
2) Split and conquer every challenge among our team.
3) Think about how the hardware would be built before programming.
4) Plan how the robot’s program would work before actually programming it.
5) Plan the trips (sequences) before conquering the challenges.
6) Make sure the robot is charged before every practice. (My team learned that the hard way.)
7) Use the wireless method of moving the programming onto the robot. (It saves a lot of time :).)


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