$3 billion for a map app? We have sneak-peek on why Uber is so keen on buying Nokia HERE.

Last week, Uber, a ride-sharing service*, offered Nokia, a telecomm giant, $3 billion for its mapping technology, HERE. HERE has amazing apps like HERE Maps, HERE Drive, and HERE Transit that are available on Windows, Android, and iOS devices. But the mapping technology doesn’t stop with mobile apps, HERE also has a car dashboard software that integrates all of HERE’s technologies. Uber isn’t the only company who wants possession of HERE, a collection of German auto companies, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz and a search engine company Baidu have also bidden for HERE.

If Uber successfully buys HERE it will be a big deal for the ride-sharing industry, mostly occupied by Uber, Lyft, and regular taxis, because it will give Uber a lot of mapping data and its own navigation system. This will help get rid of Uber’s reliance on Google Maps. Also, along with Carnegie Mellon University, Uber has started the Uber Advanced Technologies Center. One thing they are supposedly going to do is, to build autonomous cars*. Navigation technology is huge in the autonomous car industry because of the need for the car to go to places without a driver’s guidance. Talking about autonomous cars, I hope they become commercial by the time I am 16. I can write the blog while commuting then :).


*Ride-sharing service: A service that allows customers to ride cars driven by a person other than themselves from place to place.

*Autonomous cars: A car that drives by itself, no driver needed.


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